Workshop at Mobile HCI 2010 Conference

Deadline Extended for Workshop submissions until 14th May 2010.

On 7th September 2010 I’m hosting a workshop at the Mobile HCI 2010 conference  ( in Lisbon, Portugal.

The title of the half-day workshop is “Mobile HCI and Technical ICTD: A Methodological Perspective”.

The aim of this workshop is to elaborate on the application of Mobile HCI methods for technical ICTD research and to come up with a set of appropriate research methodologies for technical ICTD and a roadmap of action items of how to improve current technical ICTD research. We will provide a forum to share information, results, and ideas on current research in this area and encourage discussions about future topics concerning technical ICTD research.

I’m happy to have a great people in the organization team that will help me during workshop organization and execution. I would appreciate if you consider to participate in the workshop and take the chance to meet with people interested in the ICTD research field.

For more information please visit the workshop website at:


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